April 26, 2019

New Beginnings

Welcome to the new maleygroup.com. We’re so glad you’re here.

After 5 years, countless inspiring, incredible clients, and as many opportunities to learn and grow, it was time for us to update our website to reflect all of the transformation that’s taken place at Maley Group since its founding in 2014.

We’ve been thrilled to bring this vision to life, and hope you find it simple, straightforward, and a breath of fresh air.

If you know me, Bethany, you know that since the launch of Maley Group, I’ve avoided creating too much of an online presence, because, to me, a lot of what shows up online feels loud, fast, and overwhelming. We hold peace as a founding value, and in general, set out to be a vastly different from these things. This has meant incredibly sparse blog posts, and no social media. Up until now.

Up until now is a beautiful phrase, isn’t it?

These words and the sentiment behind them are ones I visit often in coaching work with clients. Declaring “up until now” allows us to call a break in time. To assess things “as they’ve been” and not “as they always need to be.” It provides the freedom to rewrite a story we’ve been holding to make sure it allows enough space to grow into the vision you’re holding for the future.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing with the new website, and the launch of our social media presence on Instagram (and, in the future, Facebook): we’re saying up until now, we’ve remained very quiet- and in some places silent- online. And going forward, as we begin to say yes to new opportunities to engage with even more inspiring individuals, teams, and groups, we’re going to use our online presence to cultivate community and engage in inspiring new ways.

We’re excited about this new beginning, and promise to always be intentional about the ways we engage with you; through our new website, blog, and social media. We look forward to building relationships and communities with you, and as always, providing you space to grow.

Take good care and be well, my friends.


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