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Maley Group partners with clients to create custom leadership engagements based on individual and organizational needs. We’ll design the combination of coaching, workshops, and retreats that best fits with the outcomes you’re looking to experience. Our approach is warm, fun, practical, and full of curiosity.

We live in a busy, confusing world: connect with us and get clear on what matters, what’s missing, and what’s next. Experience deep listening, understanding, support, and encouragement, and begin moving toward your goals in new, meaningful ways.

Our Work

Our Clients

Who we work with:

Who we work with:

Who We work With:

Who we work with:

• Awesome human beings and the organizations they serve
• Managers, directors, and executives from a wide variety of   industries: non-profits, consulting, education, engineering, etc.
• Multi-generation family-owned businesses
• Entrepreneurs, momtrepreneurs, and solopreneurs

• Awesome human beings and the   organizations they serve
• Managers, directors, and executives   from a wide variety of industries: non-   profits, consulting, education,   engineering, etc.
• Multi-generation family-owned   businesses 
• Entrepreneurs, momtrepreneurs, and   solopreneurs

What we work on:

What we work on:

What we work on:

What we work on:

• Improving their sense of direction and satisfaction
• Achieving elusive goals
• Being promoted to the next level
• Experiencing cohesiveness and alignment
• Pursuing balance 
• Defining, living, and choosing in alignment with core values
• Building resilience

• Improving their sense of   direction and satisfaction
• Achieving elusive goals
• Being promoted to the next level
• Experiencing cohesiveness and   alignment

What our clients achieve:

What our clients achieve:

What our Clients achieve:

What our clients achieve:

• Broadened sense of self- awareness
• Greater access to choice
• Increased confidence 
• The ability to inspire and influence 
• Improved energy and better balance of work and life
• Alignment with  and momentum toward achieving your vision
• A more collaborative work team and culture
• Resonance

• Broadened sense of self-   awareness 
• Greater access to choice
• Increased confidence 
• The ability to inspire and   influence 
• Improved energy and   better balance of work and   life 
• Alignment with and   momentum toward   achieving your vision
• A more collaborative work   team and culture
• Resonance

Maley Group was founded in 2014 by Bethany Dufour. Maley is the maiden name of Bethany’s matriarchal grandmother: Margaret Jean Ann Maley Weismiller. Her friends called her Jean, her grandchildren called her Grammy, and we call her an inspiration. 

Jean was a wife, mother, grandmother, nurse, army cadet, lover of people, and servant leader. She believed that pain and fear were just a back scratch and a full belly away from brilliance. And she beautifully embodied the qualities we hope to model, and inspire in you: connection to people and to values, bravery, community, purpose, pause, play, and love. 

Bethany takes Jean’s example, and her own 15 years in learning and development, and strives every day to meet clients where they are for the sake of stewarding them to where they dream to be.

Our Story

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Bethany was adept at seeing the deeper issues that underlined many meetings. She recognized them, and brought them up for discussion when it was appropriate and needed. [During our coaching work together], so much happened and changed.

and thoroughly enjoyed this experience."

"I made very good progress towards my goals 

Coaching Testimonial

She created space for introspection, reflection, and change with regards to my thought patterns, behaviors, and impact on others. Bethany’s approach is honest and direct; and her intentions to help and guide are authentic, pure and genuine. I would strongly recommend Bethany as a leadership coach and change agent to anyone who is committed to growth and self-development.

was profound and directly relevant to my day-to-day leadership role."

"My work with Bethany

Coaching Testimonial

Our retreat was an awesome experience! These will help me maintain the balance I felt at the retreat. I wanted to leave with a better sense of being centered and reenergized, and I got that and beyond. The experience helped me understand the mindset and approach to daily life that will help me be more content. It was a great kickstart to realign my activities and behaviors with the things that are most important to me in life.

a clear understanding of practices to incorporate in my life."

"I walked away with

Retreat Testimonial

Bethany is an amazing facilitator. She is so open to everyone’s ideas and comments and really makes you feel comfortable. Raised the bar for training classes!


"Insightful &

WorkShop Testimonial

We felt comfortable moving at a speed that our group needed to ensure we were all receiving and understanding the concepts. This was exactly what I’ve been looking for.

yet flexible enough to be enjoyable"

"Well-prepared and structured

Workshop Testimonial

M. F. 
Coaching Testimonial

Bethany was extremely helpful in simply asking the right questions and listening for and pointing out any blind spots I had. I absolutely loved working with Bethany; she was honest, direct, and approachable! 

and I am so grateful for that."

"She helped guide me into
greater awareness,

I have used what I learned to improve communication and expectations in my work and in my family!

in my personal and
professional life immediately."

"I was able to implement the material

WorkShop Testimonial

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