May 30, 2014

Hi there!

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This is my first  blog post. I’m nervous about blogging! It feels very public, maybe because, inherently, it is. Every day, millions (I read today that an estimated 31 million people in the US are bloggers!) of people around the world post their thoughts, feelings, lives into the online universe. For consumption, analysis, digestion, reflection… and I’m joining the ranks on behalf of Maley Group. Only, what do I want to say? For the sake of what am I blogging?

Well, here’s my hope. I hope that this blog will help us connect. That the posts you find here will give you ideas, inspire you, make you want to comment, or share, or reflect. And even more, that posts will make you want to close your computer and go relate to the world and the people around you in new and thoughtful ways. I hope that when you visit this site, you feel a sense of calm (hmm, maybe it will help if I approach blogging that way!), of possibility, of approachability, and of peace. I hope that what we put into the world is meaningful, and that this blog becomes one more part of Maley Group’s aspiration to create, provide, and maintain space for people to grow.

Interestingly, I no longer feel nervous. The first time is over, and I’m learning. Exhale.

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