September 2, 2015

My Footsteps: A Powerful Reminder from Lydia Davis

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Over the past few weeks, a short story from Lydia Davis’s book, “Can’t and Won’t” has taken root in my life. Its poetry and wisdom haveĀ felt like a perfect fit for so many conversations, meetings, coaching sessions, and workshops. Here it is:

My Footsteps, by Lydia Davis

I see myself from the back, walking. There are circles of both light and shadow around each of my footsteps. I know that with each step I can no go farther and faster than ever before, so of course I want to spring forward and run. But I am told that I must pause at each step, letting my foot rest on the ground for a moment, if I want it to develop its full power and reach, before taking the next.

What do you think? What pops up for you as you read that?

What I love about it today – it seems I latch on to something different each time I read it – is the reminder of the power of presence. Let your foot rest on the ground for a moment, even when you feel the itch to spring forward. Find the top of each inhale and the bottom of each exhale, even when your lungs beg to call out.

I’d love to hear what moves you; what nugget called out to you as you read Ms. Davis’s words. Wishing you a peaceful day.

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