September 30, 2014

Guillevic’s “Plane (II)”

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T2pic8I am the plane, I am
The extension, the opening,
The freedom to come and go.

What I say of space
I say better
Than the line or sphere.

My space, in fact,
Is unlimited.

I represent all
Your possibilities.

I  maintain space
Equal to itself
At any given place,

Or I mark it
As different,
Or carve it
To your laws
Or wishes.

All I can give
In your support
Is space.

If you want it,
If you need it
As a base.

If not go and find
Some other place.

I ask nothing.
Go explore
The hollows and solids
Of volume.

I’ll still be here,

-Guillevic, Geometries
Translation by Richard Sieburth

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